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Using Polypad: Tools and Axes


This task provides an overview of the Probability Tiles. Below are the topics covered.

  • Number Line
  • Coordinate System
  • Clocks
  • Question Builder

Number Line

Configure the Number Line using the settings menu that appears when clicking on a Number Line.

Coordinate System

Configure the Coordinate System in the same manner as the Number Line. To plot functions, create a function in the equation editor text box. Next, drag the blue triangle on the right side of the equation editor onto the coordinate system.

Plot any expression with one variable, an equation of the form y = f(x), an implicit function containing x and y, as well as polar functions of the form r = f(θ).


Turn on and off the second hand in the clocks using the "Toggle Seconds" button. Change colors of clocks using the color picker.

Question Builder

The Question Builder feature only appears in Teacher Accounts. Change your account from a Student Account to a Teacher Account in Account Settings. Use the Question Builder to embed auto-correcting answer boxes to Polypads.

Ruler and Protractor Tool

The rules and protractor are located in the Geometry tiles under Measuring Tools. Select a tool and click "Flip" to reverse the direction of the numbers on the tool.

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